Vauld Adds 19 New Crypto Assets, Launches ‘Token Basket’ Indexes

APY rates for lenders remain the highest available in the market

With every passing day, Vauld grows as a leading global platform for building your personal wealth with crypto. This accelerating progress is driven by a strong cadence of substantial updates across Vauld’s tech, product, and community verticals. Earlier this month, the Vauld team rolled out a series of new product features, equipping users with powerful tools like Automated Investment Plans (AIPs) and Transparent Fees as groundwork for some big changes.

Today, Vauld is delighted to announce support for 19 additional cryptocurrencies and tokens — all of which are available for investing, borrowing, and lending immediately.

Newly added tokens available on Vauld are as follows:

AAVE – Aave: An open source DeFi protocol, pioneer of flash loans — 3.04% APY

BAL – Balancer: An automated market maker (AMM) protocol for programmable liquidity —  3.04% APY

COMP – Compound: An algorithmic interest rate protocol for decentralized borrowing and lending  — 3.04%

CRV – Curve: Provides liquidity pools for stablecoins, run via DAO governance — 3.04%

ENJ – Enjin Coin: A cross-chain platform for the development of a non-fungible token ecosystem — 3.04%

FTT – FTX Token: a crypto derivatives exchange offering futures, leveraged, and OTC trading — 3.04%

GRT – The Graph: An indexing protocol for organizing blockchain data — 3.04%

KNC – Kyber Network: A pioneer in decentralized token swaps and liquidity — 3.04%

LINK – Chainlink: A blockchain oracle that provides accurate real-world data to on-chain smart contracts — 0.70%

MANA – Decentraland: An virtual world governed by its own population — 3.04%

MATIC – Polygon: A layer two scaling solution for Ethereum that uses sidechains to dramatically increase network throughput — 3.04%

MKR – Maker : A DeFi pioneer and creator of the DAI stablecoin — 3.04%

PAXG – PAX Gold: A stablecoin that sees each token backed by a troy ounce of gold — 3.04%

SNX – Synthetix: A platform for creating and trading derivatives on the blockchain — 3.04%

SUSHI – SushiSwap: A decentralized exchange platform based on Uniswap — 3.04%

UNI – Uniswap: A fully decentralized exchange protocol with automated liquidity — 3.04%

YFI – Yearn Finance: A community-driven suite of DeFi products  — 3.04%

ZRX – 0x: An open protocol that enables peer-to-peer exchange of assets on Ethereum — 3.04%

1INCH – 1inch:  A decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregator — 3.04%

This expansive addition constitutes a near 4x increase to the number of crypto assets offered on the Vauld platform, raising the total to 30. Perhaps even more importantly, the Vauld token landscape now offers broad investment exposure to many fundamental growth areas of blockchain and crypto today. This means you can earn from leading decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms, layer two scaling solutions, crypto derivatives, oracles, and metaverses with the ease and convenience to which you’ve become accustomed.

Vauld continues to offer the most competitive rates available to borrowers and lenders across its entire suite of tokens, and remains firmly focused on prioritizing simplicity, stability, and security for our users. That means that even in the increasingly complex blockchain ecosystem, you will remain empowered to build your wealth as simply as possible. That’s why, alongside the expansion of the Vauld token base, we’re pioneering novel tools that incorporate functionality like automation that streamline ease and efficiency as you build wealth with crypto.

WAIT! There’s more.

Introducing Token Baskets: Vauld’s Newest Automated Investment Plan (AIP)

Vauld recently launched the Automated Investment Plans (AIP) feature, which enables you to execute one diversified investment strategy across a portfolio of crypto assets, automatically. For example, the Buy the Dip AIP automates your investment strategy to exploit buying opportunities during routine market corrections. AIPs are by design entirely automated and optimized for simplicity, and only take a few easy clicks to set up. Building on this foundation, Vauld is now rolling out the next generation of AIPs: Token Baskets.

Token Baskets are to crypto, what index funds are to the stock market. Each Token Basket is made up of assets that reflects a particular sector of blockchain technology or an emergent market trend. For most investors, Token Baskets represent a more advantageous and sustainable investment strategy than the volatility of trading individual crypto assets.

For example: If you’re confident in the market phenomenon of DeFi, but hesitant to risk investing in any one asset due to the complexity and dynamism of the space, purchasing a DeFi AIP Token Basket on Vauld presents a way of mitigating risk, while still maximizing profit potential. As the DeFi market grows in value, so does your basket — and it’s all automated!

This first wave of Vauld’s AIP Token Baskets features four distinct strategies. Let’s take a quick look at each:

Swaps For Everyone: Governance and liquidity tokens for decentralised protocols.

  1. UNI – Uniswap
  2. SUSHI – SushiSwap
  3. 1INCH – 1inch
  4. CRV – Curve DAO Token
  5. BAL – Balancer

DeFi Makers and Makers: One investment across many popular lending protocols.

  1. MKR – Maker
  2. COMP – Compound
  3. AAVE – Aave DeFi Protocol
  4. YFI – Yearn Finance
  5. SNX – Synthetix

Digital Ownership: The Metaverse, NFTs and Creators. Build wealth in virtual worlds.

  1. ENJ – Enjin Coin
  2. MANA – Decentraland

Scale First: Bringing the world of blockchain together — all in one basket.

  1. GRT – The Graph
  2. MANA – Decentraland
  3. ENJ – Enjin Coin
  4. LINK – Chainlink
  5. SNX – Synthetix

What are you waiting for? Start building your investment strategy today with new index baskets and tokens – BUILD WEALTH on Vauld.

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