New Vauld Updates Include Automatic Investment Plans and Transparent Transaction Fees

Building wealth with crypto has never been easier

The Vauld mission is simple: to provide the most intuitive and modern crypto-investing platform. By now, it’s clear that cryptocurrency has become an essential element when building your personal financial strategy. Everything we do at Vauld is centered around making the experience of buying, earning, and banking with cryptocurrencies simple — enabling our users to build wealth automatically. With Vauld, taking control of your financial future is as simple as depositing and earning. But that’s just the beginning of what Vauld has to offer.

March was a blockbuster month for the Vauld platform, one that saw remarkable platform growth along with the launch of several new product features and updates that are bringing new levels of utility to our global community. Here’s an overview of recent updates that you can utilize on Vauld right now:

AIPs: Vauld is proud to launch the Automatic Investment Plans (AIPs) mechanism. Here’s how it works: pick a basket of crypto assets, or make your own, then set them to buy at regular intervals, or even use our simple ‘buy the dip’ function to purchase during short-term buying opportunities. With AIPs, you no longer have to time the market to get the best price on cryptocurrencies.

Price Alerts: An essential notification for tracking the value of your assets, Vauld Price Alerts are now available on Pro Trading. Click the bell icon, set up your preferred alerts, and get a heads-up on the market when you need it.

Save Wallet Addresses: If you transfer funds frequently to the same addresses, Vauld now features the ability to save wallet addresses. Recurring transactions to familiar wallets are simpler and faster than ever.

QR Codes: Using Vauld on mobile, you can now send and receive funds by simply scanning another user’s wallet via QR code.

Trusted Devices: Vauld now features an added layer of device management security with trusted devices. Declare your trusted (or untrusted) devices upon sign in, and Vauld will ensure that your account is securely accessed only by devices you own and control.

Transparent Fees: Vauld’s instant buy, sell and swap functions now have one fee that is locked at the moment a transaction is started. That means no hidden fees or changing rates as seen on many platforms today — Vauld transactions are totally transparent.

Dynamic Fees: ETH and ERC-20 based transactions now feature dynamic fees, which lock in the lowest possible Ethereum network gas fee at the time of transaction.

With Vauld, banking with cryptocurrencies is easy — and it’s getting even easier by the day. Vauld is committed to providing the best customer experience, the simplest platform to use, and the highest wealth building potential. Deposit and start earning automatically. It’s as simple as that.

Get started on Vauld today.

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