How to Build Wealth on Vauld Automatically

Leverage a combination of tools and features to maximize your wealth building potential with cryptocurrency

Now that cryptocurrency has become widely accepted around the world as a new pillar of the global economy, smart investors are thinking long-term about how to build wealth with digital assets. The incredible growth of decentralized finance (DeFi) and crypto-inclusive platforms has produced increasingly complex financial markets and applications that offer access to the crypto ecosystem — but that doesn’t mean building wealth with crypto has to be complicated. With Vauld, building wealth with crypto is simple.

In addition to offering the highest APY for your crypto anywhere on the planet, the Vauld platform provides robust asset management tools to get the most out of your assets. If you’re still simply holding your digital assets without earning APY or optimizing your strategies to make the most of the market — you are not maximizing your wealth building potential.

It’s All About APY

Step one in building wealth with crypto on Vauld can be explained with three simple letters — APY. That means annual percentage yield, or the amount that you earn every year for holding and lending your digital assets on Vauld. While the interest you earn for depositing assets with a traditional bank are minimal — often reaching a ceiling at 0.01% — crypto banking offers far more favorable rates.

Even within the fast-growing industry of crypto banking, Vauld offers the best APY rates in the global market on today’s most essential digital assets. For example: BTC (Bitcoin), ETH (Ethereum), and XRP (Ripple) — all earn 6.70% annually. Emerging leaders in decentralized finance (DeFi) like UNI (Uniswap), BAL (Balancer), and CRV (Curve) earn 3.04%. Stablecoins like USDC, USDT, and TUSD earn 12.68% on Vauld. Compared to other centralized finance (CeFi) platforms like BlockFi and Celsius, Vauld offers the best earning rates on your crypto, making it the leading choice for investors in both decentralized and centralized domains.

Vauld offers custody for 30 tokens, and we encourage you to explore them all:

The Next Step: Automated Investment plants — AIPs.

Once you’ve gained some experience with the basics of crypto investment and the Vauld platform, it’s time to take the next step…

Vauld features Automated Investment Plans (AIPs) that enable you to execute one investment strategy across a diversified portfolio of crypto assets — automatically. For example, the Buy the Dip AIP feature automates your investment strategy to exploit buying opportunities during routine market corrections and volatility. As you can see when exploring the Vauld platform, AIPs are entirely automated and optimized for simplicity. Each AIP only takes a few clicks to set up, making it easy to execute a more advanced trading strategy with none of the hassle.

The real power of AIPs becomes evident in Vauld’s latest innovation: AIP Token Baskets — selections of crypto assets grouped by sector. Token Baskets are to crypto, what index funds are to the stock market. Each Token Basket is made up of assets that reflects a particular sector of blockchain technology or an emergent market trend. Unlike indexes, however, token baskets are not derivatives: you own the tokens featured in each basket.

For most investors, Vauld Token Baskets represent a more advantageous and sustainable investment strategy than navigating the complexity and volatility experienced while trading individual crypto assets. For example: If you’re confident in the market phenomenon of DeFi, but hesitant to risk investing in any one asset due to the complexity and dynamism of the space, purchasing a DeFi AIP Token Basket on Vauld presents a way of mitigating risk, while still maximizing profit potential. As the DeFi market grows in value, so does your basket — and it’s all automated!

This first wave of Vauld’s AIP Token Baskets features four distinct strategies. Let’s take a quick look at each:

Swaps For Everyone: Governance and liquidity tokens for decentralised protocols.

  1. UNI – Uniswap
  2. SUSHI – SushiSwap
  3. 1INCH – 1inch
  4. CRV – Curve DAO Token
  5. BAL – Balancer

This AIP offers balanced exposure across many of the leading assets from around the decentralized exchange (DEX) ecosystem. These assets not only carry the weight of governance participation in the DAOs that manage DeFi platforms, but the utility of liquidity provider tokens from the most trusted DEXs in crypto.

DeFi Movers and Makers: One investment across many popular lending protocols.

  1. MKR – Maker
  2. COMP – Compound
  3. AAVE – Aave
  4. YFI – Yearn Finance
  5. SNX – Synthetix

Today’s leading DeFi platforms, all in one place. The DeFi Movers and Makers basket features the latest in DeFi liquidity tokens, financial instruments, and derivatives — with zero hassle.

Digital Ownership: The Metaverse, NFTs and Creators. Build wealth in virtual worlds.

  1. ENJ – Enjin Coin
  2. MANA – Decentraland

The sector of blockchain-based games, metaverses, and NFTs is one of the fastest-growing in blockchain. This basket offers exposure to building wealth in virtual worlds at the cutting edge of NFT technology.

Scale First: Bringing the world of blockchain together — all in one basket.

  1. GRT – The Graph
  2. MANA – Decentraland
  3. ENJ – Enjin Coin
  4. LINK – Chainlink
  5. SNX – Synthetix

While dApps and DeFi are an exciting sector of the blockchain industry, it’s the rapid and robust development of infrastructure that underpins all the growth. Products like oracles, interoperability tools, and derivatives are an essential part of the blockchain ecosystem — and this basket represents an investment in just that.

Build your own Token Basket:

If you’re ready to develop your own strategy, Vauld enables you to assemble your own token baskets with up to five different digital assets. You can then automate your investment plan with Vauld’s AIP functionality to set the frequency, amount that you’d like to invest at each interval, and for how long you’d like the strategy to last.

Finally, Set Your Goals

A key aspect of building your wealth with crypto is setting your goals. The cryptocurrency market is highly dynamic, so keeping a perspective on what you’re looking to achieve is essential to successfully building wealth. Are you looking for higher risk and higher reward in the short term? Are you looking for a more stable long-term investment? Whatever the case, Vauld’s AIPs, token baskets, and APY all enable you to design a unique strategy for achieving your goals with maximum efficiency and consistency.

With an intuitive interface, wide selection of crypto assets, and a robust suite of tools, Vauld provides an exceptional platform for building wealth. That’s why Vauld has users in over 120 countries, and are growing fast to provide even more tools and products on the Vauld platform.

Interested in learning more about AIPs and Token Baskets, read this previous article.

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