Vauld Adds 238 New Tokens And Integrates BSC For Select Tokens

We’re excited to announce that we have listed over 238 new tokens and integrated Binance Smart Chain for select tokens.

We hope this move will help you diversify your portfolio and aid in your wealth creation strategy.

What’s New?

?You can now Trade, Deposit, and Withdraw 85 new tokens, while earning interest on them. These include new tokens such as FET, AXS, HOT, and previously trade-only tokens such as CAKE, SOL, SHIB.

?Furthermore, we’re happy to announce the addition of 153 new trade-only-tokens on Vauld. You can now Buy, Sell, and Trade tokens such as HBAR, CELO, KAVA, ALGO with INR and USDT. (Find out more about Trade-Only Tokens Here)

?As a bonus, thanks to BSC integration for select tokens, you can enjoy the benefit of reduced network fees for tokens such as BNB, DOGE, DOT, ZIL, etc. More tokens with BSC integration will soon follow, along with multi-chain deposit and withdrawal capabilities.

Here is the full list of new coins added on Vauld:

Vauld Trade Only Tokens

What Are Trade-Only Tokens? What Can You Do With Them?

Trade-only tokens can be bought, sold, and traded on Vauld.

It’s important to continuously expand your trading and investment options. To that end, we work on providing our users with a wide array of cryptoassets for their crypto investment strategies. While trade-only tokens cannot be deposited or withdrawn from Vauld like our typical tokens, they are an invaluable addition to our users’ diversification options.

When Will Vauld’s Trade-Only-Tokens Be Converted To Full Tokens?

Select trade-only tokens will be converted to full tokens over time depending on our user needs and each token’s underlying fundamentals. Once converted, these tokens will be available for deposits and withdrawals, and users will also be able to lend these tokens on our platform to generate significant yields.

Each full token listing involves a multi-tiered process that includes integrating the new blockchain, setting up the relevant crypto wallets and security modules, and ensuring that the token migration and trading module are operating smoothly. As a result, we believe it is much more helpful to provide our users with as many high-quality trading options as early as possible via new trade-only-token listings and hear from our community before converting them to full tokens.

We Will Constantly Expand Vauld’s Offerings

In order to ensure the best user experience across our entire suite of blockchain-enabled financial services, our team is continuously working to expand Vauld’s offerings across more markets, services, and cryptoassets. Stay tuned for more such news in the near future.

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