Your Favorite Crypto Bank Just Raised $2 Million

The opportunity to serve the global crypto community with a crypto bank product backed with world-class customer support is one that we don’t take lightly. As the crypto market matures and witnesses never-before-seen growth, we’re uniquely positioned to pioneer several firsts. As a team, we’re delighted to see industry leaders recognize our potential and support us, most notably via a USD 2 million fundraising round from Pantera, Coinbase Ventures, and CMT digital among others, over the last four months.

It’s a shot in the arm to our focus on being the most customer-centric banking platform ever, and will enable us to continue building the most financially rewarding crypto company for you. “The investors loved that we were building to solve for banking with cryptocurrencies,” says our CEO, Darshan Bathija.

At Vauld, expect to see new all-time highs in the market as cryptocurrencies continue to gain in popularity and more people see them as one of the best hedges against weakening economies.

But what can you expect from us next? Product and geographical expansion, an OTC desk, lucrative yields, and much more!

At Vauld, we’re a team of 7 on our way to expanding to 20, with an emphasis on engineering and new offices across the globe. Underpenetrated markets with medium to high inflation will be a priority as these markets stand closest to benefit from crypto adoption.

As always, our platform will continue to be beginner-friendly, encouraging new investors to participate in the crypto market. Well versed with security consideration in this space, we’ve partnered with BitGo, the most trusted custodian in the crypto world. BitGo’s wallets are insured by Lloyd’s London for a sum of $100 Million, ensuring the safety of our customers’ deposits, and lending both you and us, peace of mind.

In addition, “we will work closely with the commodities and banking regulators,” says Darshan, “to ensure that we and our partners are and remain fully compliant through the changing regulatory landscape.”

Of course, it helps that we’re led by two extremely successful entrepreneurs, Darshan Bhatija and Sanju Sony Kurian, both having built and scaled their previous startups past their Series A rounds. Darshan has prior experience as the head of business of TapChief. Sanju, on the other hand, was the CTO of Kings Learning, a scaled product of 25 million users.

Vauld 101:

Vauld, previously Bank of Holders, is your home to manage your crypto assets seamlessly. It’s the evolved idea of a bank, merged with the exciting premise of crypto. Using our portal, our users can lend, borrow, and trade in crypto assets. In other words, every single hodler can completely bank on the blockchain today.

Vauld ticks off the four traditional objectives of a banking institution:

  1. Store of Value – Ensuring that your crypto assets are preserved with adequate levels of security.
  2. Easy Spending – High liquidity, both on and off our exchange (more on that below).
  3. Capital Growth – Regular interest payouts on deposits (APY of upto 12% currently offered)
  4. Exchange – Trade a wide range of crypto assets with each other and the Indian Rupee. (with other fiat currencies coming soon!)

With our products and partnerships, we aim to provide a holistic banking system for your crypto and FIAT currencies. If you’re a crypto enthusiast wanting to participate in the industry’s story, we look forward to delivering you a smooth crypto banking journey.

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