Vauld x Koinly: A Guide To the Tax Reporting tool

As crypto regulations become more clear across different jurisdictions, crypto users are more concerned with accurately reporting their crypto taxes. We’re excited to announce our partnership with Koinly to better help your crypto tax needs.

This partnership allows you to easily keep track of your tax liabilities. Vauld users can import their transaction history to Koinly and obtain a real-time overview of their tax liabilities.

Koinly is a crypto tax calculator built for cryptocurrency investors. With one simple step of connecting Koinly to your blockchains, wallet, and exchanges, Koinly will crunch the numbers to accurately calculate your crypto gains, losses, and income.

? As a Vauld user, you get access to a unique discount code on any Koinly plan you choose. You would’ve received the code via mail. ?

What Koinly’s Tax Reporting Tool Means For You?

  • Koinly’s financial year tax report will summarize your taxable gains and losses for digital assets.
  • You will have access to summaries of crypto income including margin trades, options and futures.
  • You can also view the number of disposals, total proceeds and asset acquisition costs.
  • Every trade will make its way into your tax report, as Koinly connects to 600+ crypto exchanges and wallets.

A step-by-step guide to using the Tax reporting tool:

  1. Visit the ‘History’ section on Vauld to download your transaction history from Vauld. Click on Export (Crypto Transactions)
  2. Login into and register with your Vauld e-mail id (Kindly ignore if you already have a Koinly account, proceed with step 3)
  3. Go to the Wallets page on Koinly and click on Add Wallet.
  4. Find Vauld from the list and click on it. Alternatively, click here.
  5. Click on Import from File
  6. Upload the transaction history you had downloaded in Step 1
  7. Click Import
  8. You will be able to view your holdings and subsequent tax liabilities (if any)

To activate the code

  1. Kindly navigate to your profile menu (top right) and click on Plans. Alternatively, click here
  2. Choose the appropriate tax year
  3. Ensure your reports are selected for your region
  4. Copy & paste the code given above on the Promo Code box, proceed to click Apply Coupon
  5. You would be able to purchase the plan with the exclusive Vauld discount. Voila!
  6. You can pay via cards or crypto

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